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Germany Sycotec Spindle Combined Automatic PCB Router

Germany Sycotec Spindle Combined Automatic PCB Router
  • Germany Sycotec Spindle Combined Automatic PCB Router
Product name : Germany Sycotec Spindle Combined Automatic PCB Router
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Milling type PCB Router with high precision and high cleanliness,dual parallel work platform and single pindle
1, Using high speed Germany Sycotec spindle.
2, Low footprint,drawer type platform is designed to avoid the pollution of cleanliness room.
3, Top side dust collection with higher efficiency than the bottom side,and lower noise.
4, Dual platform design, easy to operate and maintenance.
5, Application for 350*350mm pcba, bigger size can be customized.
6, Upgrade with robot to realize inline function.(option)


Model CM-610 CM-610max
Max pcb size 350x350mm 450x450mm
Min pcb size 5x5mm
PCB thickness 0.4~6mm
Operation table height 850mm
Feeding method Manual feeding and release
PCB Positioning Magnetic thimble or jig
Cutting Spindle speed 5000-60000rpm
Cooling type Self cooling
Kit break inspection Yes
Cutting speed 1-100mm/s
Cutting accuracy ±0.05mm
Router kit mode milling cutter,φ0.8~φ3.0 left rotation,Shank Tungsten Steel
Repeat accuracy ±0.02mm
Coordinate moving speed 1000mm/s
Programming Editing program through visual system
Air supply 5-8KG/cm³
Power supply AC380V,50/60Hz,3KW
Machine size 1250x1000x1650mm 1350x1100x1650mm
Weight 900kg

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