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IC LED Chip Carrier Tape

IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
  • IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
  • IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
  • IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
  • IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
  • IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
  • IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
Product name : IC LED Chip Carrier Tape
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The embossed carrier tape protects integrated circuits and other devices during transportation and storage from physical and electrostatic damage.It is also widely used for automated placement of placement machines onto printed circuit boards (PCBs), it made of polystyrene, polycarbonate and PET. Carrier tapes with varying conductive and anti-static qualities to suit different components applications.The Carrier tape has pockets that are shaped to match the contours of the component to be carried. The width of carrier tape is between 8 and 104 mm, we also can custom for customers based on their demand.


Carrier tape specification


Name Embossed carrier tape
Material PS,PC,PET
Type Conductive(antistatic)and non-conductive(non-antistatic)
Color Black, Transparent
Width 8-104mm
Thickness 0.3-2.0mm,also customized for customers
Application Smd components, electronic parts, hardware parts
Meter for per reel According to the components
Cover tape Cold sealing/hot sealing options
Reels Available


The whole packing reels including the carrier tape, cover tape and external reel, customers use the manual or automatic tape and reel machine to pick the components into the carrier tape, at the same time use the cover tape to cover the components tightly to protect and fix the components in the tape, at last packing to a whole reel.


Carrier tape size and matched cover tape


Each carrier tape has it matched cover tape, the cover tape has the cold sealing and hot sealing options during the components packing,also the cover tape has the ESD options. Below is the dimension of the carrier tape and it matched cover tape diagram.


Carrier Tape(mm) 8 12 16 24 32 44 56 72 88 104
Cover Tape(mm) 5.4 9.3 13.3 21.3 25.5 37.5 49.5 65.5 81.5 97.5




This carrier tape is widely used in IC, capacitors, resistors, connectors, micro-transformers, inductors, electronic switches, diodes, transistors, LED chip, Low Power LEDs, Mid/High Power Packages, Domed Packages, LED Modules, Lenses, LED Die,crystals and other surface-mount components packaging, to meet the requirements of efficient, fast and miniaturized production of modern electronic products. Applicable to all belts, uniform density, consistent peel strength, anti-static function. Mainly used in connectors, chip capacitors, resistors, integrated blocks, chips can be used with PS, PC, PVC, PET material carrier tape.


We supply high quality embossed carrier tapes and custom carrier tapes according to customers's demand.
If you need a carrier tape to allow parts to be placed and sealed to go onto a pick and place system, then we have options for you.



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