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Desktop Lens Focus Machine

Desktop Lens Focus Machine
  • Desktop Lens Focus Machine
Product name : Desktop Lens Focus Machine
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1, This machine is a small model automatic focusing machine, just 3 working cans,through high-precision splitter, rotation number, logical division of work, three axis synchronous operation, focusing, dispensing, curing.

2,This equipment using customed high-speed special industrial CCD from Germany/ and American CREE brand high brightness focused light source, the light through the lens module, the reflection to CCD digital camera sensor analysis focus point.

3,Independent research and development focus system,can capture the focus parameter values of the lens module sample from the cutomer,1:1 matching the parameters value.

4,The machine will judge to be NG if the focus of tested lens has any issues, this lens will not curing and when it drop out of the window, the red alarm works.

5,Using advanced man-machine dialogue software design. Equipped with intelligent pneumatic double needles dispensing module for dispensing.
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