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Automatic Solder Paste Mixer

Automatic Solder Paste Mixer
  • Automatic Solder Paste Mixer
Product name : Automatic Solder Paste Mixer
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Model: NSTAR-600
Wattage: 60W
Power: AC220V, 50Hz
Roating speed: Primary rotating:1400RPM;Sencond rotating:400RPM
Working Capacity: 500g*2jar;
Tin Pot's Size: M   diameterΦ60-Φ67standard one
S   diameterΦ53-Φ60(for choose, please contact us )
L    diameterΦ67-Φ74(for choose, please contact us)
Time Setting: 0.19.9mins, adjust0.1min per time;
30mins, adjust1.0min per time
Display & Caution: LEDdigital displaylight blink and buzzer warning
Machine Demension: 410*410*490mm(W*D*H)
Packing Demension: 420*420*500mm(W*D*H)
Net/Gross Weight: 40KG/45KG
The solder paste mixer slope efficiently and evenly mixes the solder pasteto a liquid state. It helps to achieve better resultsof stencil orienting and reflowing process. The use of the mixer also reduces the chances of absorbing air moisture as it is no longer necessary to remove the lid of the solder paste jar before the paste is actually usedin the production.
The revolution of the centrifugal force generated by automatic paste mixer,the force produced by the rotation of the rotating shaft and the angle of 45 degrees.The tank is located in the upper end of the paste continuous downward movement, at the bottom of the pipe to the tank above the paste around the movement, the formation of a tornado funnel type stirring action, make a smooth paste mixing and softening, deaeration reach the proper viscosity after mixing paste has good wettability, diffusion uniformity, excellent printing effect, to achieve the best performance of reflow soldering.
1, The solder cream jars are placed in 45 angle, and run around its axis line, so the solder cream will not ahere to the jar cover. 
2, Compatible with most brand 500g solder paster,can mixing two tins at one time, save time and improve efficiency.
3, Double security design to asure the safety of operators. 
4, The air bubbles can be eliminated while the solder paste is being mixed. 
5, The contorl of the solder paste mixing is considered fully with using special control circuit.
6, The rotating speed has proved by practice, so the impact against the tin power and the effect to solder paste quality in the rising temperature are avioded.
7. Without water, does not destroy the shape of tin.
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