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Product name : Cover Tape
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Transparent Hot Sealing PET Material Cover Tape Hold the Pocket in Carrier Tape




The cover tape is sealed to the carrier tape to hold the devices in the pockets. We offers a full range of cover tapes to meet various requirements.


Cover tape specification


Name Cover tape
Material Composite material
Calculation unit Meter
Tape width 9.3mm
Tape specs 300M per reel
Color Transparent
Sealing pressure 0.2Mpa
MOQ 200meters
Cover tape hot sealing
Reels Available


Carrier tape size and matched cover tape


Carrier Tape(mm) 8 12 16 24 32 44 56 72 88 104
Cover Tape(mm) 5.4 9.3 13.3 21.3 25.5 37.5 49.5 65.5 81.5 97.5




1, Stable pelling force stress, and the component is not moved when peeling off.

2, Tensile Strength:20-110GF

3, Transparent color, convenient for detection during sealing.

4, Multiple options for cover tape width, 5.4/9.3/13.3/21.3/25.5mm,etc.also can be custom according to the requirement.




This cover tape is widely used in IC, capacitors, resistors, connectors, micro-transformers, inductors, electronic switches, diodes, transistors, LED chip, Low Power LEDs, Mid/High Power Packages, Domed Packages, LED Modules, Lenses, LED Die,crystals and other surface-mount components packaging, to meet the requirements of efficient, fast and miniaturized production of modern electronic products.



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