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PCB Lead Cutting Machine

PCB Lead Cutting Machine
  • PCB Lead Cutting Machine
Product name : PCB Lead Cutting Machine
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1, The machine is designed to trim the wire leads of PCB assembly after soldering process.
2, The fast turning tungsten carbide blade cuts the wire leads while feeding the PCB one by one to the equipped track manually.
3, For safety, it is absolutely required to push the PCB assembly by handle.
4 This machine is for trimming the wire lead of electronics components only. 

2, Sepcification

Model HS-113
Power AC220, 50/60Hz/380V,50/60Hz
Max. PCB size 500mm(L) x 300mm(W)
Main axis speed 4500/Min
Main axis motor 3/4 Hp
Guide rail speed 0-3 M  can be adjustable
Min. lead height 1.0-1.5mm Min
Machine Demension 900*670*800mm(W*D*H)
Net Weight 115KG

3, Feature
1, Automatic input and output the PCB, cutting the PCB lead after the welding.
2, High stability, it can connect with the automatic soldering machine or AI machine. 
3, Applies to the finger type slid to fasten the PCB board. 
4, Finger slid change easy and economic.
5, With the prevent bending device, to overcome the bending PCB in welding.
6, Input speed can be adjusted, max. speed is 3m/min.
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