PCB force stress tester

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PCB Force Stress Tester

PCB Force Stress Tester
  • PCB Force Stress Tester
Product name : PCB Force Stress Tester
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This force tester is a portable instrument, it’s widely used in strain measurement of circuit test,function-test,board depaneling, ICT,FCT,
assembly, drop test.also used for air-condition pipeline,glass construction and so on, it’s a small and easy machine,easy to carry, the
software also easy to use and quickly generate report.

1, Modular approach, 8chs/Modular ,Maximum extension to 16/32 channels.
2,Connected through the USB interface, long-term data are stored on the host hard.
3,The acquisition of signal 120 /350ohm strain gages.
4,The maximum sampling rate of 10KHz (32-channels simultaneous sampling).
5,Action menu in the dialog box form of the english language interface is simple and fast.
6,Combined with strain gauges in the international test standard Intel standards and IPC-9704 standard, a key fully automatic generate reports and judgments "Pass" Or "Failed".

1, Single module Number of channels:8 analog input channels.
2, Maximum sampling rate: 320KS / s / chassis.
3, Sampling modes: multi-channel simultaneous sampling.
4, ADC resolution: 24
5, Supported strain Gage Resistance: 120/350Ω.
6, Wheatstone bridge type: 1/4 bridge.
7, Conversion accuracy: 3.5062nV/V/LSB.
8, Accuracy gain error: 0.02% (calibrated conventional measurement conditions 25 ° C ± 5 ° C).
9, Full-scale range: ± 29.4mV / V (+62500 uE/-55500uE).
10, Between terminals Overvoltage protection: ± 30V
11, Stability: Gain drift 6ppm / ° C
12, The Chassis Interface Type: USB2.0 high speed input
13, Power supply: 11 to 30VDC, 220VAC
14, Operating Temperature: -40 ° C~ 70 ° C, Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
15, Storage Temperature: -40 ° C to 85 ° C, storage humidity: 5% to 90% of RH, non-condensing
16, Protection class: IP 40
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