High quality V-cut PCB Separator

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V-cut PCB Separator

V-cut PCB Separator
  • V-cut PCB Separator
Product name : V-cut PCB Separator
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Model VM-400 VM-600
Voltage 110V/220V,50/60Hz 110V/220V,50/60Hz
Max cutting length 400mm 600mm
PCB thickness 0.8~3mm 0.8~3mm
Separation speed 600mm/sec 600mm/sec
Separation type Circur and linear blade Cirlular and linear blade
Components height 0~70mm 0~70mm
working temperature 30~55℃ 30~55℃
Machine dimension 420*520*680mm 620*720*1680mm
Weight 50kg 60kg

1, It can cut rapidly regardless of the quantity, very economic.
2, Cutting distance  setted by touch screen to align V slot in PCB,which makes the cutting stroke accurate without error.
3, Panel splitting process finished by using both moving blade and stationary blade,which can reduce stress and      avoide fracturing of welding spot.
4, PCB Stays still during panel splitting,blade slip forward and backward, ensure the quality.
5, Compare with manual operation,it can reduce stress that will damage welding spot on PCB,improve working efficiency and product quality.
6, The cutting distance can be set freely,range from 1 to 100m,which can better fulfill customer's demands and improve the working efficiency.
7, The starting cutting position can be set freely, which can ensure the long lifespan.
8, This machine equipped with counting function, can facilitates the data after the production.
Machine dimension

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