Guillotine type PCB cutter

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Guillotine PCB Depaneling Machine

Guillotine PCB Depaneling Machine
  • Guillotine PCB Depaneling Machine
Product name : Guillotine PCB Depaneling Machine
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Model HS-310
Cutting length 1-360mm(larger size need customized)
Machine size 700*3200*400mm
power 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Cutting Width 4-100mm
Blade Size 360*43.5*6mm
Air consumption 200-400(L/min)
Weight 130kg


1,Guillotine type separating,low force stress,high quality cutting.

2, Suitable for all kinds of material board,also can cutting high hardness,aluminum,and cooper board.

3,Security: small guillotine only available for board feeding,ensure the safety of the operator

4,Very easy to learn and operating.

5, Durable, using import high quality steel made cutting tool.

6,Guillotine cutting speed is relative slow, the cutting speed can be improved after the operator is well-skilled.

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