Automatic Curve PCB Router

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Automatic Curve PCB Router using Sycotec Spindle

Automatic Curve PCB Router using Sycotec Spindle
  • Automatic Curve PCB Router using Sycotec Spindle
Product name : Automatic Curve PCB Router using Sycotec Spindle
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PCB Router, or called Automatic PCB cutting machine, with high speed Germany Sycotec spindle driving milling kit to cut high density PCBA and other material substrate.


1, Full electric control, no air pressure requirement.
2, High Stability, easy to maintenance.
3, Simple to operate, short change over time.
4, Design for middle and small size PCBA.
5, Good dust collector make sure the cleaness during the operation.
6, Allow the milling kit cutting setup by stages greatly reduces the cost for consumbles.

7, The milling cutter is driven by high speed spindle with the advantages of a reduced cutting force,high accuraty, low noise, and suitable for all shape pcba, like round,straight line, L or U type,squres and arc shapes.

8, The self diagnostic system allows easy troubleshooting of malfunction during production and reduce downtime.

Model RM-288 RM-388 RM-888
Structure Single Spindle,dual work platforms Single Spindle,dual work platforms Single Spindle,dual work platforms
Machine Size(mm) 1000*1200*1550 1000*1200*1550 1200*1400*1550
Gorss weight 700kg 700kg 900kg
Dust collector size(mm) 625*600*1600 625*600*1600 625*600*1600
Dust collector power 3HP/2.2kw 3HP/2.2kw 5HP/3.5kw
Dust collector Weight 130kg 130kg 130kg
Collection method Bottom collection Bottom collection Bottom collection
Work platform size 300*400mm 300*400mm 410*510mm
Platform driving type Double rotary platform,precision slicer with 3phase motor inverter
Driving system X/Y/Z axis driven by servo motor,W axis driven by three phase motor frequency inverter
Routing Spindle 5000~50000rpm,auto cooling 5000~60000rpm,automatic cooling
Cutting speed 1-100mm/s
Cutting accuracy ±0.05mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.02mm
Axis moving speed 800mm/s
Z axis moning method Screw driven,dual guide
Router kit milling cutter,φ0.8~φ3.0 left rotation,Shank Tungsten Steel
Tool lifespan Software program control
Active protective function safty light curtain
Security door manual door
Error alaum Yes
Programing method Self programing,camera controlled by keyboard and mouser


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