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Topgrade Conveyor

Topgrade Conveyor
  • Topgrade Conveyor
Product name : Topgrade Conveyor
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 1, Main Function
This machine is used to connect with SMT production line
2, Discription
a, Increase the use of special thick aluminum
b, Accurate and durable stainless steel laser cutting edge or iented 
c, Smooth parallel to the width of the screw adjustment method
d, Strengthening the structural design to improve the stability of the equipment
e, use 3mm anti-static flat belt
f, Standard SMEMA

3, Parameter
Type TC-250A TC-300A
Power Supply AC220/AC110V  50/60HZ AC220/AC110V  50/60HZ
Optional 1,light 2, fan 3, magnnifying 4, dust proof cover 5,inspection platform
PCB Size(mm) 445*50~350 535*50~460
Transport direction left to right or right to left left to right or right to left
Transmission Speed 1-12m/min 1-12m/min
Transport Height(mm) 900±20 900±20
Trick fixed side front side or back side front side or back side
Motor power 12W 12W
Machine dimension 500*745*900 1000*745*900
Weight 50 80

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