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Double Soldering Tip Single Platform Automatic Soldering Machine

Double Soldering Tip Single Platform Automatic Soldering Machine
  • Double Soldering Tip Single Platform Automatic Soldering Machine
Product name : Double Soldering Tip Single Platform Automatic Soldering Machine
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This automatic soldering machine is double soldering head with 400mmx400mm moving range, this machine is suitable for difficult process and soldering processing, especially suitable for welding of mixed circuit boards, heat sensitive components and sensitive devices in SMT back-end process




Model HS-SD441
Voltage AC110V/220V,50/60Hz
X/Y/Z working range 400*400*100mm
R axis none
X/Y/Z moving speed max 300mm/s
Driven system Stepper motor,timing belt
Linear guide Taiwan brand high precison guide
Repeat accuracy ±0.02mm
Programing Teach pendant
Control system Control board
Program storage
It can store one thousand sets of processing data and a single 
processing file can occupy up to 3M storage space 
(five thousand processing points)
File storage space
 Handheld box 256M, offline card 32M, single processing file up to 
3M storage space (100,000 processing points)
Iron Tin cleaning Air cleaning/pneumatic
External interface USB+RS232
Soldering method Point/drag soldering
Weight 48kg
Machine dimension





1, Double soldeirng tip, single platform working, moving range 400x400mm, can welding dead corner.
2, Flexible soldering method, spot soldering, drag soldering all compatible.

3, The whole machine is made of aluminum, no deformation, no rust, stable operation.

4, The working program can perform point-to-point, block-to-block copying and shorten programming time.

5,  The soldering iron without nitrogen, very safety and environment protective,

6, The soldering head can be multi-directionally adjusted, which can protect the PCB and components from damage.
7, Using high precision stepper motor and timing belt driven system, and advanced motion control algorithms to effectively improve motion positioning accuracy and repeatability.

8, The machine with automatic cleaning function, which can make the solder processing more stable, and extend the lifespan of the soldering iron.


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