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Vacuum Loader & Loader

Vacuum Loader & Loader
  • Vacuum Loader & Loader
Product name : Vacuum Loader & Loader
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1, Main Function
This machine is a combined machine, it designed as a vacuum loader and normal magazine loader both,it used for the source of the line, transport bare pcb or multi side board out from magazine to downstream machine, 

2, Description
a, PLC control system
b, 3 magazines loading capability
c, Suction position is adjustable
d, Board storage devie with the fuction of evevator
e, designed gas circuit for transmit PCB smoothly and stably
f, with vacuum load and magazine load 2 models
g, Standard SMEMA

Type SP-250 SP-330 SP-390 SP-460
Power supply AC100~230V 50/60Hz AC100~230V 50/60Hz AC100~230V 50/60Hz AC100~230V 50/60Hz
Air Supply 5kgf/c M2 5kgf/c M2 5kgf/c M2 5kgf/c M2
PCB Size(mm) 50*50~350*250 50*50~455*330 50*50~530*390 50*50~535*460
PCB Direction left to right or right to left / / /
Magazine Size(mm) 335*320*565 460*400*565 535*460*565 535*530*565
Step pitches(mm) 10,20,30,40 10,20,30,40 10,20,30,40 10,20,30,40
Storage height(mm) 200 200 200 200
Transport height(mm) 900±20 900±20 900±20 900±20
Motor power 300 / / /
Machine size(mm) 1600*850*1200 2000*950*1200 2250*1050*1200 230*1050*1300
Weight(kg) 140 180 220 280
Optional control panel touch screen / / /
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