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PCB Magazine Unloader

PCB Magazine Unloader
  • PCB Magazine Unloader
Product name : PCB Magazine Unloader
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1, Main Function
This machine is used to collect PCBs into magazine at the end of SMTproduction line.

2, Description
a, PLC control system
b, 3 magazines loading capability
c, designed gas circuit for transmit PCB smoothly and stably
d, Standard SMEMA

Type HS-250ULD HS-330ULD HS-390ULD HS-460ULD
Power supply AC110 AC220 50/60Hz AC110 AC220 50/60Hz AC110 AC220 50/60Hz AC110 AC220 50/60Hz
Air Supply 5kgf/c M2 5kgf/c M2 5kgf/c M2 5kgf/c M2
PCB Size(mm) 50*50~350*250 50*50~455*330 50*50~530*390 50*50~530*460
PCB Direction left to right or right to left / / /
Magazine Size(mm) 335*320*565 460*400*565 535*460*565 535*530*565
Step pitches(mm) 10,20,30,40 10,20,30,40 10,20,30,40 10,20,30,40
Transmission speed 10m/s 10m/s 10m/s 10m/s
Transport height(mm) 900±20 900±20 900±20 900±20
Motor power 220 / / /
Machine size(mm) 1700*780*1200 1900*860*1200 2200*920*1200 2200*1120*1200
Weight(kg) 160 200 240 260
Optional control panel touch screen / / /
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