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Automatic Destacker

Automatic Destacker
  • Automatic Destacker
Product name : Automatic Destacker
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1, Main Function
This unit is used for bare PCBs transport to SMT production line

2, Description
a, PLC control system
b, Pass through function
c, Compact design for space saving
d, PCB width adjustable by setting motor-drived lead screw rods
e, Width adjustable SMC cylinder(japanese brand)
f, Standard SMEMA

3, Specs
Model HS-460DT
PCB Dimension(mm) 50*50~500*460
Power Supply AC100-230V, Max 300A
Transmission direction left to right, or right to left
Tranmission height 920±20mm
PCB thickness Min 0.4mm
Machine dimension 600*650*1200
Weight 200kgs

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