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Electric Stencil Cleaner

Electric Stencil Cleaner
  • Electric Stencil Cleaner
Product name : Electric Stencil Cleaner
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Electric stencil cleaner machine is a equipment using safety and high efficiency water-based liquid to cleaning.
Fully automatic finish cleaning- rinsing- drying process, the main application is stencil, plastic mesh,PCB/PCBA, squeegee etc.




Model HS-610
Apply stencil size Standard size,special size need customized
Cleaning fluid capacity 50L*2PC(max)
Best liquid usage 40L*2PCS
Clean and risn method Left-right moving high pressure liquid spray cleaning
Drying method High pressure hot air(Optional super models)
Clean time 2-5 Min
Cleaning fluid separation time 40seconds
Rising time 2-5 Min
Rising times 1~99times
Drying time 2-5 min
Cleaning liquid recycling 1μm (Micro filter::rosin, solder paste, flux and pollutants)
Rinse liquid emission filter 5μm (Micro filter: rosin, solder paste, flux and pollutants)
Liquid heating temperature room temp~60℃
Noise Less than 50 decibels
Range of resistivity tester 0~18MΩ
DI water supply 30~60L/min
DI water pressure ≤0.4Mpa
DI water Gateway connecting pipe 1 inch
Air supply 0.45Mpa~0.7Mpa
Net weight 500KG
Air outlet size Φ124(W)×30mm(H)
Machine 1600mm(L) ×1160mm(W) ×1850mm(H)




1. Electric water-based cleaning machine apply to cleaning SMT stencil,SOP printing stencil, PCB,PCBA and printer scraper, Can effectively clean surface after printing and the hole of the remainder of the solder paste, flux, red glue contaminants. Cleaning Process with high pressure spray system.

2. Double liquid tank, equipped with heating system, implementation needs cleaning-rinsing-drying.

3. Cleaning process: cleaning chemical isolation - rinsing (open loop/closed loop) - drying.

4. Preparation of advanced automatic touch screen operating software, program files stored, used and its simplicity.

5. Counting system function, can automatically accumulated cleaning sheet number and loop filter .

6. Liquid and the pump pressure can be displayed through the panel pressure gauge, feedback the equipment running status in time .

7. Window cleaning pressure can be adjusted independently, process is more wide, solve the SMT stencil tension in the process of high pressure cleaning problem.

8. Drift lotion resistivity monitoring, ensure the cleanliness, the resistivity can be set up, meet the demand of different halftone technique.

9. Consumables monitor alarm filter service life

10. Integral stainless steel fuselage, strong and durable, resistant to acid, alkali cleaning fluid, etc

11. Floating lotion emissions filtering, more environmental protection

12. Effect of high pressure fan + hot air drying, drying more quickly and thoroughly

13. Lower running cost, every time only 12 L liquid cleaning, clean end use compressed air recycling pipeline and pump more than residual liquid, liquid consumption can reduce 50%




1, Touch sreen operation interface

Stable and reliable imported brand color touch-screen, can pre-setting solvent temperature, cleaning time, rinse times/time, rinse temperature, drying time, drying temperature, electrical conductivity monitoring parameters and so on.

2, Inside moving parts: use stepper motor control spray lance reciprocating spraying, can choose spraying area.

3, Hot air drying system: High pressure fans through heating box into the wind blade wind drying PCB/Stencil.

4, Water circulation system: Independent cleaning liquid tank,Rinsing liquid tank equipped with stainless steel precision filter, according to need to replace filter element to ensure cleaning performance is better.

5, Automatic drainage system, convenient management and maintenance easier.

6, Visual seal design, can observe the all cleaning process.

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